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Squash - Hunter F1 (Marshalls Seeds)

Squash – Hunter F1

Versatile in the kitchen
Bred to grow in UK climate
Compact variety good for small spaces
Butternut Squash Hunter is a UK-bred crop with unbeatable flavour. It has been expertly developed over the last decade to give reliable results in our unreliable climate.

Easy to grow and UK-hardy Hunter gives you strong plants which are more compact than other squashes, fantastic news when you have a small space but want to take advantage of home-grown flavour. Every plant gives you around six or seven fruits in a year.

Plant in a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil where they thrive.

The squashes mature up to a month earlier than other varieties, are light tan and have a sweet, succulent bright orange flesh.

In the kitchen we recommend you roast in the oven or cook it. The smooth texture of the flesh makes it ideal for pureeing, or adding with risotto in chunks.


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