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Runner Beans (Marshalls Seeds)

Runner Beans – Tenderstar

Runner Bean Tenderstar is the fantastic result of 15 years of British breeding; a real breakthrough. Although Tenderstar is a runner bean, this cross has many of the desirable qualities of French beans, with pods being smooth, fleshy and especially stringless.

The pods are exceptionally tender and flavoursome. It is also virtually self-setting meaning it is a prolific cropper and can be grown in isolation if need be. Pods are an impressive 20cm (8in) long and are sweet enough to eat raw straight off the plant as a great snack.

The flowers are a unique bicolour of red and pink too, so make an attractive climber.


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  1. Hi Sean, I am a relatively new viewer from Canada. Are there any British seed companies who ship to Canada? Good luck on the new plot! Sandra

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