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Leek Seeds - Musselburgh (Marshalls Seeds)

How to Grow Leeks

Sow January, February, March, April
Harvest January, February, March

January to February thinly into pre-watered seed trays 1/2in (1cm) deep. Place in warmth 10-15*c (50-60*f) and keep moist at all times.

March to April thinly into pre-watered soil 1/2in (1cm) deep in rows 6in (15cm) apart in seed bed. Keep soil moist at all times.

April to May when 8in (20cm) tall into holes 6in (15cm) deep, fill with water. Plant 6-8in (15-20cm) apart, in rows 10-12in (25-30cm) apart.

To ensure a long white shaft draw up soil around plants as they develop. Keep well watered and feed regularly.


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