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August 2018: The last time I saw the allotment.

History of The Rusty Allotment

After being on the council list for 6 months I was getting frustrated that I hadn’t heard anything. I visited the site and managed to pin a note on the inside of the main entrance gates. All it said was…

“Keen to start my plot before winter sets in. Please call on…”

A few days later I received a telephone call from the Secretary (Geoff), October 7, 2007. I was given the option of two plots. The first was covered in 6ft brambles and in the middle of the site adjacent to the central path which runs through the site. The second was against the boundary line of the site and nearby houses. It was covered in grass and had a large concrete area at one end which had a tin shed and patio on it.

I decided to take the second one because it was closer to the houses and therefore security was better. The tin shed and patio would be removed by the previous owner but the concrete base would remain, this was handy when I later put a greenhouse and shed on it. The nearest water tank is 60ft (18.28m) away, but in later years I would put my own water tank, connected to the mains supply, in the middle of my own plot.

Within the hour I had taken ownership of my allotment.

During Winter 2017/18 I informed the committee that I wanted to reduce the size of my allotment. It was agreed that my plot would be split into two and I’d keep one half cultivated.

By late Spring it was clear that I didn’t want to continue with this allotment. I informed the committee during early Summer my plans to leave in the August. I left the site in mid-August 2018.


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