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How to Grow Shallots from Sets

My complete guide of how I grow shallots from sets to harvest.

March: When the sets arrive place them out in front of you. Inspect them and gently press the bulbs to make sure they are firm. Remove any loose outer skins.

March: Plant in the open ground during March/April. If your ground is soft, like mine, you can gently press them into the soil until the tops are just visible. If your ground is hard, use a hand fork to loose the area first. Check the plants every few days as birds like to remove the sets and leave them sitting on the soil.

March: Once planted I scatter a few handfuls of onion fertiliser over the area, mixing into the top few inches of soil. Keep the area watered and weed-free during the season.

July: Harvest once the green tops have started to die back and fallen over.

July: Only harvest after a few days of sunshine, this helps dry the bulbs out and they will last longer once stored. If the weather has been damp and wet, I keep mine in the greenhouse for a few days to let them dry out.

Shallot harvest all safely gathered in for another year. Once processed in the kitchen they weight in as 5.5lbs, variety Longor.
Shallot harvest all safely gathered in for another year. Once processed in the kitchen they weigh-in as 5.5lbs, variety Longor.


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