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Fighting the Thicket

It was an early start for the first day of Autumn. On the plot by 10am for the site committee meeting. The usual discussions surrounding who’s not attending to their plot, who’s path needs redefining and what soup are we making for the annual bonfire event – all first world problems.

After the meeting mugs of tea were served with a few ginger nuts for good measure then onto the community day. This is a monthly meeting where all members are requested to attend to keep the site looking nice and clean. Usual jobs are moving the grass (grass cuttings are good for mulching), securing boundary fences and today the main task was redefining where paths should be.

Along with another member I slipped the gloves on and headed straight into the thicket of blackberries and overgrown plums trees. The task took all day and we got so into the task that we forgot about stopping for any water or refreshments. A warm autumnal sun beat down on our backs and the sweat dripped onto the scorched soil.

As the heat of the day faded into late afternoon we packed away our tools and headed for our sheds. By now my head was starting to really hurt due to lack of water and hot sunshine. I got home and gently fell into a hot bath of bubbles and endless glasses of water. My whole body engulfed in a blanket of warmth and the satisfaction of a productive day on the allotment.


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